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The whole structure of Raymond mill is composed of a host machine, analysis, plumbing, air blower, finished cyclone separator, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric motor and other components. The host machine is composed of a machine frame, Raymond mill inlet volute, blade, grinding roller and grinding ring, a cover casing and a motor.

What are vulnerable parts of Raymond Mill?

What are vulnerable parts of Raymond mill? As we all know wooden barrel principle, it means the shortest piece of board on barrel decided to water capacity. The same is true for Raymond mill parts. Spare parts quality determines the performance of Raymond mill.

So, what are the vulnerable parts of Raymond mill?

vulnerable parts of Raymond Mill

1, Grinding roller and grinding ring. The grinding roller and grinding ring is broken pieces of Raymond mill, is also one of the most important parts. Due to grinding roller and grinding ring during the work time suffer friction with the material, at the same time with each other. Therefore they are easy to be damaged.

Once grinding roller and grinding ring bad appeared serious wear of the situation, it will bring certain influence to the product fineness appearing odds phenomenon. Then we must replace parts in time.

2, Blade structure. This is another vulnerable parts of Raymond mill. Due to blade contact friction with material, it is very susceptible to be wear. When blade is seriously wear, it will be unable to scoop up the material. Work efficiency is greatly affected by the grinding mill.

These are the most common vulnerable parts of Raymond Mill. There need be regular inspection and maintenance. Once found Raymond mill parts is wear or damaged, the operator should be replace it, in order to avoid affecting the normal work of the grinding mill.

The working principle of Raymond Mill

Jaw crusher crushes bulk raw material to make feed particle size required by the bucket elevator. The material is transported to a storage hopper by a bucket elevator, and then is sent to the grinding cavity of host by electromagnetic vibration feeder. In the rotation process with grinding roller, the blade shovels the material and throws into between grinding roller and grinding ring, forming a pad layer. The material grinds between grinding roller and grinding ring, achieving the purpose of milling. After grinding powder is taken by fan airflow to the analysis of the machine to select powder. The powder reaching the powder fineness requirements enter the large cyclone collector with the gas flow through a pipe and are isolated and collected. Then through the ejector it is finished powder. Airflow from the large cyclone collector upper return air duct suction blower. Not for the powder is thrown to the wall and the flow from the blade, coarse powder because of the self gravity role into grinding chamber for heavy grinding. The air current of the whole system is a closed loop, and flow circulation in the positive and negative pressure condition.

The factors of influencing the efficiency of Raymond mill

The factors of influencing the efficiency of Raymond mill

As one of the important equipment for deep processing of nonmetal, Raymond mill is widely used in the production bases of mines, cement plant. At the same time, Raymond mill don't cut the buck and continuously meet the various needs of the market with unique performance characteristics and superb technology. In the production process of Raymond mill, some causes from various aspects lead to the greatly reduces of its production efficiency. Well, what factors does it exist?

  • 1, product hardness. Generally speaking, the harder nature material is more difficult to grind for Raymond Mill
  • 2, product humidity. Raymond mill is not very useful for water containing large products. In general, moisture content of products will cause adhesion within the Raymond mill, will also transport in the blanking process of gambling plug, greatly reduces the ability of Raymond mill.
  • 3, product composition. If you need more fine powder in products, it should move through once sieve in advance, in order to avoid powder adhesion within the Raymond mill and influence the transportation.
  • 4, product viscosity. Because the bigger product viscosity the bigger adhesive force, product viscosity will affect the efficiency of Raymond mill.
  • 5, The better wear resistance parts that Raymond mill adopts, the better performance of Raymond Mill. So it can grind better products

The production efficiency of Raymond mill is not immutable and frozen. In the actual production and daily operation, the operating personnel need pay attention to the details of the work and better maintenance. The above is only some points increasing the yield of Raymond mill. There are more fine details which need to be paid attention to in the actual production.

The common troubles and troubleshooting methods of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is applied widely to non-inflammable and explosive materials whoes Mohs hardness is less than 7 and humidity is below 6%, such as barite, calcite, feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, ceramic, glass and other materials. Raymond mill is suitable for more than 280 kinds of industries, such as mining, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and other industries. Product size can arbitrary regulated within the range of 80 Mesh and 325 Mesh. If Raymond Mill fails In the production process, the operating personnel can handle probloms in accordance with the following methods:

Raymond mill Structure

The first common fault: powder less and low yield.

The causes:

  • (1) The locking powder machine is not well adjusted and the seal is not strict, resulting in powder suction;
  • (2) The blade is wear, leading to unable to scoop up the material.

Elimination method:

  • (1) Check and adjust the locking powder machine to ensure sealing;
  • (2) The replacement of new blade.

The second common fault: oil is too thick, or too small.

The causes:

  • (1) Leaf of analysis machine is wear;
  • (2) The air volume of fan is not appropriate.

Elimination method:

  • (1) The replacement of leaf and appropriate turn down air intake to solve too thick;
  • (2) Turn up air intake when it is meticulous.

The third common fault: electric current of host and temperature rise and electric current of wind turbine declines.

The causes:

  • (1) Excessively feed, air duct is blocked by powder, poor exhaust pipe and circulating air heating;

Elimination method:

  • (1) Reduce the feed quantity, clear air powder;
  • (2) Turn up wind pipe valve, the material temperature controlled at 6℃.

The fourth common fault: main noise and vibration.

The causes:

  • (1) A small amount of feed. The blade is seriously wear, unable to scoop up material and anchor bolts loosening;
  • (2) The impact of hard material, or material layer;
  • (3) Severe deformation of grinding roller and grinding ring.

Elimination method:

  • (1) Adjust the feed quantity and replace new blade;
  • (2) Adjust feeding size.
  • (3) replace grinding ring and grinding roller.

Deformation of Raymond mill parts

Raymond mill manufacturers pay attention to that in the course of work, the phenomenon is called as deformation, which the size or shape of the parts is changed by force. The deformation of parts has two kinds of plastic deformation: elastic deformation and plastic deformation, which is easy to make the mechanical failure. Mechanical deformation damages the relationship between assembly parts, so its service life is shortened a lot. The causes leading to deformation of Raymond mill accessories mainly have:

  • (1) should give force limit produced by work stress load exceeds the hardware of Raymond mill, Raymond mill parts will produce permanent deformation;
  • (2) the temperature increases with the increase of the temperature, thermal vibration of atoms of metallic materials, the critical drop in shear strength, easy to slip deformation, reduces the yield strength of the material; or Raymond mill parts through uneven heating, large temperature difference, have a higher thermal stress, strain;
  • (3) the residual internal stress of parts of the Raymond mill in vacuum manufacturing and machining processes, residual stress occurs, the static strength of influence and the dimensional stability of Raymond Mill parts. This allows not only the elastic limit of the Raymond mill parts is reduced, but also produce plastic deformation reduces the internal stress;
  • (4) internal defects of materials, it is interesting to note that cause damage to parts of Raymond mill, not necessarily the only factor condition of both is often the combined effects of several reasons, result of the accumulation of the deformation. Thus, to avoid distortion Raymond Mill parts, should be the design, manufacture, use, maintenance and so on several aspects to take measures to prevent and eliminate the above mentioned factors, the deformation caused by the serve the old strain, and Raymond Factory Pack within the permissible range.

Raymond mill machine parts in use, distortion is inevitable, therefore, the review mechanism can not only check with the surface wear, the accuracy of mutual position is also close inspection and repair should be. Especially for the first overhaul of mechanical deformation should pay attention to the inspection, repair, because the deformation of Raymond parts of the internal force at the factory, usually within 12 - 20 months.

Raymond mill use matters needing attention

Raymond mill use matters needing attention:

  • (1) In order to make Raymond mill equipment normal operation, personnel should make the "equipment maintenance and safe operation of the system" to ensure the long-term safe operation, and necessarily maintenance tools, grease and the corresponding accessories;
  • (2) Raymond mill device for over 500 hours to replace the roller. the bearing sleeve roller is dirty, damaged parts must be replaced in a timely manner, refueling tool hand pumps available;
  • (3) Raymond Mill in the process of use, should be in charge of the permanent staff, the operator must have a certain level of technology. Raymond mill before installing the operating personnel must perform the necessary technical training to understand the principle of the performance of Raymond mill, familiar with the operating procedures;
  • (4) Raymond mill is used for a period of time, maintenance should be carried out. At the same time, repair replacement ring blade grinding rollers wear parts, roller grinding device to examine the connection bolt and nut must be used before and after to see if it is loose, the Fat is full.


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